Computer Hardware and Networking Solutions
Computer hardware and networking play a key role. Hardware looks after the duty of adding all components/parts and gathering all the required folders for a computer in a systematic form while networking does the work of connecting two or more computer with each other so that they can share the files and other features between them.
The Features of Hardware, Software's and Network services are given as bellow :
Hardware services:
  • New computer assembled
  • Data recovery
  • Sale Computer and Printer Parts
  • Sale Branded computer/Laptop HCL, HP, IBM, Compaq, Samsung, etc.
  • Sale Printer, UPS, Speakers, web cam, etc.
  • Sale Head Phones, Mouse Pad, Mouse, Keyboard etc.
  • Repair Laptop's, UPS, Printers/Scanners , Monitors, LCD, etc.
  • Computers data transfer and backup
  • Mail folder backup and restore

Software services:
  • Computer Formatting and Updates all new Software
  • Installation of different device drivers
  • Installation of regular small software
  • Operating system installation like windows7 ,xp,,server 2003,2008
  • Sql server setup
  • Outlook Configuration
Network services:
  • Network planning and installation
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Sharing Computer's
  • Sharing printers and internet connection
  • Switches & Routers, Modules/Accessories
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